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Have a question? Check out the FAQ's. Need help with desigining a shirt or setting up your store. Thats here too.

Art Services Do you have an image that is too small?
A logo that needs to be cleaned up?
A color photo that you want converted to a line art drawing?
Or in need of the background removed from an image?

SellMyTees can take whatever artwork you have and recreate it in a clean hi-res .png file to be used in the Designer Studio.

Have an idea for a design, but have no way of making it happen?

SellMyTees can help there too.

ART FEES / EMBROIDERY DIGITIZING FEES: (50% Discount for Store Member Partners)

- $50 Non Store Member Partners.

- $25 Store Member Partners

Most art services are charged a flat rate however price may vary depending on difficulty of design. Send your art and instructions to art@SellMyTees.com to get your quote now.


PLEASE NOTE: Any design you submit must be one that you created, or you must have the legal right to use it. You may not use material owned by others unless you have their permission. Also, your design must not be offensive, obscene, defamatory or discriminatory. we reserve the right to reject any order. If someone makes a claim against SellMyTees because of your design, you agree to pay for any loss we suffer as a result, including our legal expenses.