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Gilda's Club

Beyond our Red Door people of all ages will gather to learn more about cancer, share their experiences with others, and true to our namesake Gilda Radner, and find opportunities to laugh along the way.

Tell us a little about Gilda’s Club Evansville.

Gilda’s Club Evansville is a cancer support community for anyone that has been affected by cancer, those with a diagnosis as well as their family and friends. Our Program consists of social/emotional support, education, social connections, healthy lifestyle activities, && resources & referrals. Membership & all Program activities are free of charge.

Gilda Radner passed away from ovarian cancer in 1989. Her husband, Gene Wilder & friends opened the flagship Gilda’s Club New York in 1995 in her honor/memory. Gilda believed that life should be lived to the fullest even while facing cancer & anyone affected by cancer should have a place for support, strength, comfort & wisdom…and perhaps a laugh or two!! Laughter is good for the soul!

“There are those who open their hearts to others…who never think twice about giving of themselves. They are the wonderful warmhearted people who make all the difference in our lives.”
– Gilda Radner

At Gilda’s we recognize that social and emotional support is as essential as medical care when cancer is in the family. Beyond our Red Door you will be welcomed to our support community where we offer a variety of workshops, classes, groups, and activities in a non-residential, homelike setting – all FREE of charge.

Tell us about your mission?

Gilda’s Club Evansville serves as a community of caring individuals that provide social, emotional, and educational support to all people impacted by cancer.

What specific goals, causes or needs does your nonprofit have?

As a non-profit, there is always a financial need to keep the red doors open to serve those impacted with cancer at any stage of their cancer journey. We serve those newly diagnosed, managing a recurrence, working through the loss of a loved one or celebrating long term survivorship. Our website (www.gcevv.org) has monthly options to support individuals and/or families through donations and/or volunteering. We also have a “wish list” on our website for clubhouse items needed. We change this list periodically as needs arise.

Is your SellMyTees.com store dedicated to help raise awareness or for a specific fund raising goal?

Not for a specific fund raising goal, but we do use it for general fundraising. All of the shirts have something to do with cancer awareness. We use the store so anyone can get a t-shirt, in the size, color and style they prefer. Any donations received are used for Program activities (over 40 activities a month) and clubhouse supplies.

How can people get involved or find out more about your Gilda’s Club?

They can visit our website or our Facebook page. They can also call the Clubhouse at 812-402-8667 or just drop by for a tour or email angie@gcevv.org about volunteer opportunities.

Why did you decide to open your store with SellMyTees?

We started our SellMyTees.com store back in 2015 at the recommendation of another nonprofit. We always wanted to be able to sale t-shirts. Thought it would be a great way to raise money and awareness. But we didn’t have any inventory space and the cost of having to order in bulk was just too much. Chip and SellMyTees.com offered us the perfect solution!

We’ve been thrilled with it all. SellMyTees has been really good do us and for us! We love having so many different options for shirts. If you are a nonprofit and looking for a great way to increase your donations – This is where you should be!

gilda's club evansville
Gilda's Club Evansville
Gilda's Club Evansville
Glida's Club
Gilda's Club Evansville

Featured Designs

This Is My Day!

Available Now on iTunes!

Melanie Atwood, Executive Director, asked her friend, Sabrina Newton, to write a song for cancer survivors for our Tri-State Cancer Survivor Day on 6/4/17. Sabrina wrote the song and went to Nashville to have it recorded. It was debuted at our event & is available for download & Chip created 3 t-shirt for us – some with part of the song lyrics on the front! It is a song about living life, regardless of your diagnosis. Really, everyone is a survivor of something, so “This Is My Day!” is for all survivors everywhere. The song has a very special place in my heart, as I am a 6-year breast cancer survivor. Sabrina came to the Clubhouse on 4/21/17 (my 6-year survivor date) & sang the song for us – first time we all heard it! We were all in tears – not a Debby Downer song – very uplifting!